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The purpose of this web-site is to offer:
  • Clear and well-arranged presentation of gambling-objects and results.
  • Unique advantages in the search of profitable bets.
  • Information based on the gamblers' reality.

The site will not only focus on conventional sports but also include other special objects where the most interesting situations often occurs.

The persons who probable will benefit most from the information are:

  • Gamblers, bettors, punters and players.
  • Horse-owners.
  • ATG-bookmaker offices.
  • Trainers and other persons active in sports.
We are planning to supplement the Webb-site with the following services:
  • Betting advices.
  • Result-service through push-technique.
  • Warm up reports.
  • Advanced gambling theories.
  • Web-board for information exchange.
  • Compilation of what services the different bookmakers offers.
  • Gambling-guild.

Mail to us: info(at)multiodds.com